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    Hyundai Solaris 1.6 АТ
1 day   2000 RUB 
3-7 days   1900 RUB 
8-14 days   1800 RUB 
15-30 days   1700 RUB 
31 days   1600 RUB 
Deposit   6000 RUB 
Car class   compact 
Engine capacity, cc  
Transmission ( gearbox)   6-speed, automatic. 
Engine power, hp  
Body type   sedan 
Number of doors  
Interior   Fabric 
Number of seats  
Air conditioning   yes 
Central locking   yes 
Full electric equipment   yes 
Power Windows   yes 
Power steering   yes 
Audio   Audio CD/MP3, radio 
Heated   yes 
3-7 дней   1 900   RUB/day
8-14 дней   1 800   RUB/day
15-30 дней   1 700   RUB/day
31 дней   1 600   RUB/day
Cost calculation  
Number of days      2 000 ( 2 000 RUB/day )